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Cornerstone Economics

"Our main purpose in life is to love others as yourself and that may include some (business) resources"


—  Lay Hing de Kort-Yee, Chief Purpose Officer & Founder

Building Resilience, Transforming Society

Cornerstone Economics was created to support impactful and sustainable business models, NGOs, and programs through economic, finance, and strategic consultancy and training. We support organizational and systematic change by helping our clients formulate a strategic vision that considers the impact on its community while taking into account its financial sustainability.  We focus on a customized approach with practical solutions to our clients to achieve their sustainable goals. We integrate sustainability into everything we do.

Cornerstone Economics is a purposeful consulting firm that provides research-based strategic insight and learning solutions with an emphasis on social impact and financial viability. We use a cross-subsidization model whereby higher pricing for traditional organizations allows for lower or subsidized pricing for financially-constrained organizations serving the underserved with limited access to professional services.
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Our vision:

Organizations that value mutuality in all interactions; cultivating the relationship between financial, social, human and natural capital.

Our mission:

To advance business solutions that support and create more sustainable, equitable organizations and communities, and facilitate access to professional services.

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