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1:1 Business planning

We assist the entrepreneur with the writing and completing of their business plan through a series of guidance sessions. The entrepreneur will receive a StartUP manual, which basically outlines the most important things to consider when starting up or running your business. With the guidance of a mentor, the entrepreneur will start its journey by completing the manual. Upon completion, the entrepreneur will have covered the fundamentals to start or build their business, and practically a complete business plan is written by the entrepreneur!

Online Class
Stand Up Meeting


StartUP Guidance

Our StartUP guidance is a specialized service offered to Startups and Small- and Medium enterprises. Small businesses operate under resource constraints that make it impractical for them to implement comprehensive strategies and sustainability.


Therefore, with our StartUP guidance, we provide the entrepreneur with an alternative coaching services, in the area of:

  • 1:1 Business planning

  • 1:1 Sustainable startups

  • 1:1 Growing stage

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