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Our goal is to be an impactful Strategic Consultancy Firm led by purpose-filled professionals in our community. We are inspired by the belief that knowledge, understanding and entrepreneurship with a touch of heart-work can shape and mold organizations that are more conscious and sustainable.

We have the know-how & character you need.

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Strategy, planning & performance

We develop strategic plans and initiatives that meet the need of the organization and the community they serve. We work with you to achieve your unique goals in reaching your organizational results, whether its in business, and in non—profits. We facilitate strategic sessions with your team to create comprehensive plans that are made to execute for success. And we do monitoring & evaluation of the performance of your project.

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Capacity building

Using a collaborative approach, we design capacity building plans to establish to reach organizational goals and build human and institutional capacity to advance development effectiveness. We tailor the training to meet client needs and pair it with effective adult learning techniques, while promoting several areas of sustainable goals.

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Market research

With our market research consultancy we deliver strategic advantage, customer centricity and sustainable insights wit deep expertise in consumer profiling, socio-economic research, innovation, service improvement, pricing and more. We uncover unique insights, providing our clients with those ‘lightbulb’ moments of inspiration that help them build effective strategies for real impact.

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Raising impact investing

With our impact investing services we cater to the financial, social investment and philanthropic sectors. Specifically, we work with clients on designing impact funds and helping to prepare their market positioning and brand strategies.  We also provide significant added value to organizations that are involved in building the impact economy. Specialized consulting projects have included capital raising (e.g. grant seeking), , undertaking research and producing impact investment-sector reports, and general business development to advance growth strategies.

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StartUP Guidance

Our StartUP guidance is a specialized service offered to Startups and Small- and Medium enterprises. Small businesses operate under resource constraints that make it impractical for them to implement comprehensive strategies and sustainability.

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