What we do

What We Do

Our story

One thing we were certain of we wanted to make good use of our skills and knowledge to assist others, so we started as a traditional consultancy firm. Not long after we realized that our organization was missing a beat, we needed something more than just doing business. So this journey brought us to the WHY;  a natural fusion of our passion and purpose - the moment where purpose met profit.

As founders, we were connected by community service, contributing to community work has always been in the center of who we are. This brought us to the reflection that businesses and organizations have a significant role to play. Whether through the services they deliver, their employment practices, or through their other activities, today's businesses have an impact on society. Businesses and organizations can become a driving force for positive social impact, and what better way to encourage this through consultancy.

If we truly care for our clients, we should care about their employees, the community surrounding it, its environment and sustainability.

Companies have always been part of society.  Understanding their social impact is essential.

  • Learning solutions for social impact

    We provide training and workshops for individuals and employees.


    Our key expertise:

    Personal Financial Education

    Data Literacy Education

  • Strategic Consultancy

    We facilitate strategic sessions, conduct research and data analysis for the formulation of strategic planning, product development, business model formulation and outcomes.

  • Lovely Data

    Lovely Data is a special separate business unit that focuses on delivering information and data.

    Harnessing the power of data for better decisions.

  • Research

    We do research that helps leaders and organizations make change. We collaborate by measuring financial and social impact. In addition, we conduct market research analysis that supports your business in decision-making, including feasibility studies and social & economic impact assessments.

  • Social Impact Investing and Consultancy

    NGO's and Social Enterprises requires also financial skills to raise funds. We provide fundraising assistance, fundraising planning and grant writing.

Who do we work for?

  • Not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises aspiring positive social, economic and environmental change

  • Community groups and leaders seeking new ways to engage people around a specific social or environmental cause

  • Individuals who aspire to impact their community directly or indirectly

  • Government agencies planning to engage local communities in dialogue, planning, evaluation activities and policies (outside Aruba)

  • Businesses interested in finding new ways to work more sustainable and ethical, while considering financial viability


We are not aligned with any political parties nor do we receive local government funding. This enables us to engage with a much broader sector of society and to stay true to our values and integrity principles.


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Oranjestad, Aruba

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