What is our StartUP guidance?

Our StartUP guidance is a specialized service offered to Startups and Small- and Medium enterprises. Professional services are often not easily accessible or affordable for startups and small businesses. Yet, we understand the importance of small businesses for the community, and we want entrepreneurs to thrive!


Therefore, with our StartUP guidance, we provide the entrepreneur with an alternative service for the writing and completing of their business plan through a series of guidance sessions. The entrepreneur will receive a StartUP manual, which basically outlines the most important things to consider when starting up or running your business. With the guidance of a mentor, the entrepreneur will start its journey by completing the manual. Upon completion, the entrepreneur will have covered the fundamentals to start or build their business, and practically a complete business plan is written and made by the entrepreneur!

How can I book a session?

A session can be booked through our booking system. You choose your mentor and a confirmation email will be sent to you with a date and time for your next appointment.


What if I just have one or a few questions?

You can also ask questions to a mentor without participating in the one-on-one StartUP guidance session, which can take place electronically or via telephone. In that particular case, we will charge you per question satisfactory answered.

Talk to a StartUP mentor when ....

  • You need guidance in writing a business plan

  • You've hit a roadblock and you need to work through it

  • You've got an idea but want validation before executing

  • You have nobody to discuss your strategy with

  • You have tried everything and still aren't getting a result

Book your session

  • StartUP guidance session

    1 hr

    Afl. 150 per hour

Oranjestad, Aruba

(297) 5922265


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