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Cornerstone Economics in partnership with Stichting Rancho came up with the social innovation project CRECE, which means in the native language Papiamento “Grow”. The project stands for “Creando Comunidad (Social) Empresarial”, which means in English Creating (Social) Entrepreneurial Communities. This project attempts to look at capacity-building with main themes social entrepreneurship and financial education. Community Capacity Building relates to the assets that already exist within a community. These can include concrete resources needed to address particular issues, as well as the wisdom, expertise, and leadership to make things happen. The underlying assumption of community capacity is that all members of the community have something to offer in terms of problem solving and strategies to undertake collective concerns. With that in mind, this project is focused on creating capacity in the area of social entrepreneurship and financial education, as such contributing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 8 "Decent Work and Growth" and SDG 1 "No Poverty", backed-up by a collective community effort supporting SDG 17 "Partnership for the Goals", encompassing as such all goals needed for the community of Rancho to thrive. For more information about the Rancho community, visit www.stichtingrancho.org

Creando comunidadnan Social Empresarial

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